2022 Celebrate Summer Campaign

Mental Health Wellness Warriors

I’m raising funds in support of Osler Foundation by participating in 2022 Celebrate Summer Campaign.
By making a donation, you are helping to provide the vital equipment Osler's physicians, staff and volunteers need to care for us, our families, friends and neighbours, when it’s needed most.  

Did you know, in Ontario, 100% of hospital equipment must be funded by the community. A donation—big or small—will help me reach my team goal of raising $1,000 for Osler’s hospitals. Please visit my fundraising page to make a tax-deductible donation online. 

The Mental Health program has both Recreation Therapists and Occupational Therapists who use recreation and leisure as a therapeutic tool to achieve patients' individual goals.

Through structured, evidenced based programming, Recreation and Occupational Therapists help patients heal, adapt, cope, discover new skills or interests, and return to doing what they are most passionate. Health Quality Ontario Standards for care for Depression and Schizophrenia recommends physical activity of any sort and yoga to help improve mental and physical health. An important part to achieving this for our patients is being able to utilize outdoor garden space.  We would like the opportunity to incorporate some innovative programming and create a Healing Garden for our patients.  This would include outdoor movement sessions along with mindfulness and sensory modulation. To do this we need to create a new space as well as update existing space to provide the therapeutic milieu needed for our patients.


Please make a donation today and help me to reach my fundraising goal!

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