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Fundraise with Osler Foundation!

Raise Funds to Support Health Care Close to Home

Did you know that 100% of the equipment within our hospitals is funded by the community? Stretchers, vital signs monitors and wheelchairs are all examples of much-needed pieces that are funded by our community. You can help put life-saving equipment into the hands of our health care teams!

This summer, take the Celebrate Summer Challenge and create your own fundraiser to help equip Osler’s hospitals.

The scope of your fundraising event is limited only by your imagination! Collect funds during a virtual book club meeting or games night, ask for donations instead of birthday or wedding gifts or set a personal challenge like a 5K run.

Whatever you choose, we’re profoundly grateful for your contribution. Your gift helps Osler continue to invest in leading-edge equipment and deliver the highest levels of care in our community. Call us at 905.863.2579 to learn more and register your event, or choose one of the options below to create your own fundraising webpage now.

Check out our Community Event Toolkit for more information.