Fundraising Tips

1. Get Started!

Now that you’ve registered, take some time to familiarize yourself with all the great things you can do through your personal fundraising dashboard. The page will allow you to set your fundraising goal, track your progress and ask for donations.

2. Personalize your page.

Customize your fundraising page - Share why you’re fundraising to support health care in your community and inspire others to join you! You can either use the template we’ve provided or have fun and add a photo.

3. Sponsor yourself!

Start fundraising by donating to yourself. Make the first donation to start off your goal! Consider adding a suggested donation amount of $25, $50, $75 or donate what you can to give people an idea of how much to donate.

4. Ask many and ask often!

Don’t underestimate the power of a ‘like’ and share! Ask your loved ones to share your fundraiser with their network, to multiply your impact. This will help you reach your fundraising goal.

5. Share Share Share!

Use the get social section of your fundraising page to post on Facebook. Include a personalize message and your fundraising goal. Your friends will be happy to help! Don’t forget to tag @OslerFoundation and use the hashtag #SkiDay so we can celebrate your impact on our socials, and inspire others to follow your lead!

6. Follow-Up

It’s ok to ask again. Consider sending a second message via email, text or on social media to remind people to sponsor you to help you reach your goal.

7. And most important!

Have fun and THANK all your donors for their contributions.

We want your fundraiser to be a great success! To help you plan, promote and have a prosperous event, we’ve assembled a toolkit full of tips and resources you can use. Download our Community Toolkit and get started today!