Online Fundraising Page Set-up

1. How do I set up my personal fundraising page?


  • We offer three types of personal fundraising pages: Personal Fundraiser, Celebrate, and In Memory.
  • Click on the button for the type of page you would like to create. You will be taken to a landing page with more information about the type you have selected.
  • Click on the “Create a…” button to be taken to the registration form to set up your page.


2. Why should I set up a personal fundraising page on the Osler Foundation website?


  • When you choose to fundraise directly thorough our website, you can avoid platform fees charged by other sites, and have a greater impact on our work.
  • Your friends and family will be easily able to support you through your personal page and are eligible for a tax receipt for their gifts.


3. I am having trouble logging in or forgot my username or password.


  • Visit the “Create a Fundraiser” page on our website and click “Log In”. If you forgot your password, the system can send you a link to reset it.


4. Who can I contact for help?




1. Is there a minimum amount to set up a personal fundraising page?


  • No, there is no minimum fundraising amount to set up a page. However, you will be presented with a suggested fundraising goal at registration.


2. How do I donate to a page?

To find the page you want to donate to, use the search function located at the top of the “Create a Fundraiser” page. Alternatively, you can select the “Find a Fundraiser” button and it will navigate you to the search function. From there you will have three search options:

  • If you are looking for a page created in memory of someone, search for their name within the “Honouree” tab.
  • If you know the name of the person who set up a fundraising page, select the “Page Creator” tab and search by their name.
  • If you know the name of the fundraising event (e.g. Tara’s Lemonade Stand), select the “Group Fundraiser” tab and search by event name.

Once you’ve located the page you would like to support, click “Give Now”. Thank you for your support!

3. I have received cash/cheques for donations. What should I do with them?


  • If friends or family prefer to give you cash or cheque donations, you can enter these gifts in your Participant Centre to keep track of your progress and update your fundraising totals. See below for details about entering offline gifts.
  • Example: your grandmother wants to support your fundraising efforts, but would prefer to make her donation by mail, with a cheque. Advise her to:
    • Make the cheque payable to: Osler Foundation
    • Include your name in the notes field
    • Send the cheque to: Osler Foundation, 20 Lynch St., Brampton, ON L6W 2Z8


4. Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation?


  • Gifts of $20 or more are automatically issued a tax receipt by email. Please contact Osler Foundation at 905-863-2440 or with any questions related to your receipt.


My Personal Fundraising Page

1. What is the Participant Centre?


  • The Participant Centre is a hub for all your personal online fundraising needs. When you log in to your Participant Centre you have access to do the following:
    • Update your photo
    • Update your story
    • Use email tools to send messages asking for support or to thank your supporters
    • Change your fundraising goal
    • Manage donations


2. How do I change my fundraising goal?


  • Log in to your Participant Centre
  • Scroll down to the section titled “Your Fundraising Progress”
  • Select the “Edit Goal” button
  • In the pop-up, change your goal as desired
  • Click “Save”


3. How do I change my photo?


  • Log in to your Participant Centre
  • Scroll down to the Photos/Video section
  • Click on “Update Media”
  • Select “Choose File” and navigate to the location of your saved photo or video
  • Use the editing tools available zoom in/out, rotate left/right as desired
  • Use the Caption field to include a caption below your photo
  • Click “Save/Upload”


4. How do I update my story?


  • Log in to your Participant Centre
  • Scroll down to the Personal Page section
  • Click on “Edit Content”
  • Update Title: this is the title of your Personal Fundraising Page
  • Update Body: similar to using Microsoft Word, you can update the copy that is displayed on your personal page
  • Click “Save”


5. How can I share my story on social media?


  • Log in to your Participant Centre
  • Scroll down to the Personal Page section
  • Copy your Personal Page URL
  • Log into your favourite social media platform
  • Write your post and paste in the link you copied from your Participant Centre
  • Click Share/Post


6. Can I create a URL for my page?


  • Log in to your Participant Centre
  • Scroll down to the Personal Page section
  • Click on the “URL Settings” button
  • Type the desired URL in the space provided
  • Click “Save”


7. How do I send emails?

You can use the built-in email tools to ask friends and family for donations or send thank-you messages to the donors that support your fundraising. Templates are provided, or you can craft your own messages.

To send emails, login to your Participant Centre and select the “Email” menu button (located above “Welcome to your Participant Centre” at the top).

A. Add contacts manually

  • To add contacts manually, click “Add Contact”
  • Update the information in the fields provided
  • Click “Add”

B. Import contacts from your email provider

  • Click “Import Contacts”
  • Select your email provider and click “Next”
  • Follow the instructions provided

C. Send emails

  • Select the people from the list that you would like to email and then click on the “Email Selected” button. Or, if you would like to email everyone, click on the “Email All” button.
  • Compose your email (see below for template instructions) and Preview & Send.

D. Using a template

  • Select the type of message (Thank You, Solicitation) and then select the template you’d like to use
  • The subject line and message content will automatically populate
  • Customize your message: if you like, you can update the subject line and template message
  • Be sure to update where is says [INSERT NAME HERE] and [INSERT EVENT NAME HERE] Once you’ve updated the template you can preview the message
  • Under the “current layout” section, select the stationary you would like to use, if any
  • Click on the “Preview & Send” button
  • If you are happy with the email, click on the “Send” button
  • If you would like to further edit the email, click on the “Close” button. You will be brought back to the edit screen. Make your edits, then select the “Preview & Send” button. Once you’re happy with the email, click on the “Send” button.